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Gas Cash Back Apps: Save Gas at the Pump Easily with These 3 Apps in 2018

save money on gas

In short, you don’t need these gas cash back apps to save money on fuel, but you do owe it to yourself to at least download one of these apps to get the best savings on gas at the pump.

These apps are super simple to use, your kid can do it for you! How they work is after you fill up at the pump, you then snap a photo of your receipt and voila! You are now rewarded with cash back on the app for the gas you just purchased! You just paid yourself back your hard earned money instead of giving it away!

cash back apps to save money on gas

1. Trunow Gas Cash Back App

Trunow is a money saving app on iOS and Android devices that gives you a good amount of cash back on your gas letting you withdraw it back into your checking account via Paypal or at a Trunow partner gas station near you!

  • $1 back every gas station receipt you upload
  • Tells you where the cheapest gas is
  • Shows the best gas station store deals nearby. That way you can compare to Walmart, Publix, and so on.

If all of that wasn’t enough already for you, you’ll love knowing that they even pay you now to shop at gas station convenience stores by even giving cash back on certain items such as coffee, red bulls, and so on.

Turnow promo code for two dollars

The app is so simple to use and to find local gas prices. Trunow is location based so you can travel and find the lowest priced gas quickly.

Trunow Partners and Non-Partners?

You get 2% cash back from any partnered retailer from Trunow and 1% cash back from any gas station. It’s basically like having a gas credit card without having to run your credit. Think of it, if you use Trunow and a card that gives 2% cash back on gas, you’re already at 3-4% back on gas.

👉 Click here to get your free $2 Trunow bonus

Make sure you upload a gas station receipt to get your $2 bonus!

2. GetUpside Gas Cash Back App

Upside Gas gives you the opportunity to earn up to 25 cents per gallon at over 1,000+ gas stations in the US. It also tells you where the cheapest gas is near you.

You’ll get some of the best gasoline savings at all of the gas station brands that you know when you take advantage of the Upside App.

Upside is giving me a special link for my visitors so when you Download GetUpside and use Invite Code “JACOB3338” you’ll get an extra 20 cents per gallon on your next refill at the gas station which stacks upon whatever offer is currently going on at that station already!

upside gas cashback app

How to use Upside to Save on Gas

  1. Use the Upside App when you need to fuel back up the gas stations, but not only gas, you can even get credited for items inside the gas station convenience stores, or car wash services as well.
  2. Claim the best offer going on at a nearby gas station and pay with your credit or debit card. (I recommend a credit card with a reward system on gas so you save even more money!)
  3. Snap a photo on the receipt and upload it to the app
  4. Start paying yourself back!

Did I forget to mention, unlike some other cash back apps, that upside has no minimum withdrawal amount to your PayPal account!

Should I Get Upside Gas App?

Of course, you should! Are you fine just throwing away dollar bills every day? I didn’t think so, so why not use that app and pay yourself back your hard earned money.

Aside from saving money, Upside does have a great cause. According to Business Wire  Upside is focused on making local communities stronger by connecting consumers with local businesses. Since non-profits are important to local communities, they’ve launched GasForGood, a way that upside users can support local causes through the cash back that they’ve earned.

You can choose to donate your gas savings to a local charity of your choice, including:

You don’t have to donate, you can redeem your money earned to your PayPal, but if you’re feeling nice this is a great feature!

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3. Ibotta Cash Back App

Ibotta is a cash back app that can save you a pretty hefty amount of money at gas station convenience stores.

You’ll get a $10 sign-up bonus if you sign up under my Utmost Money bonus link. They only gave me 100 of these to give out so if they’re out, please don’t comment below. 

Ibotta works at over 300 supported retailers including; retail chains, restaurants, movie theaters, stores, home improvement centers, pet stores, and pharmacies nationwide. Some popular ones are Amazon, Target, Walmart, Publix, check the link above to see the rest.

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Some Other Great Ways to Save Gas Without Apps

Check your tire pressure regularly to ensure that your car is always at peak performance. If they are flat or not holding the PSI they should, your car wont get the Mile Per Gallon it should be getting!

Fill up on Wednesdays or Thursdays before 10 A.M. Most gas stations typically raise their prices for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday when people go on long road trips since everyone is usually off work.

Don’t Idle it wastes gas. Even if you are just warming your car up in the morning. If you have your car on for more than 6 seconds, it should be turned off. It’s more fuel efficient that way.

Use cruise control in order to drive at a consistent speed. That helps limit the RPM and makes you not fluctuate how much gas you are intaking to the engine. This overall will help increase your MPG by a lot!

In Conclusion:

These gas cash back apps are truly amazing if you don’t mind snapping a picture and waiting for your money to build up. You can really make a lot within a few months or the end of the year especially if you use a credit card that gives a percent back on gas too. I use the American Express Blue Cash Card and it gives me 2% back on gas on top of the gas cash back apps.

Happy savings and I hope I make you get your Utmost Money!


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